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Champions in Mitigating Sump Pump Failures' Toll on Commercial Buildings

8/16/2023 (Permalink)

Servpro tech charging through door ready to serve. SERVPRO Techs ready for your commercial building's breakdowns.

When sump pump failures strike commercial buildings, the consequences can be swift and severe, jeopardizing both property and operations. Amidst the chaos, two stalwart allies, SERVPRO of West Lancaster and SERVPRO of East York, emerge as vital lifelines, showcasing their expertise in disaster recovery. Let's delve into how these SERVPRO branches excel in addressing the aftermath of sump pump failures, safeguarding commercial spaces from ruin.

SERVPRO of West Lancaster: Unmatched Agility in Crisis Management

Sump pump failures demand rapid response, and SERVPRO of West Lancaster stands as a paragon of swiftness in times of crisis. With an unwavering commitment to being available 24/7, they ensure that the clock never hinders their ability to spring into action. Their adept team swiftly assesses the situation, devises comprehensive recovery strategies, and leverages cutting-edge technology to initiate restoration processes without a moment's delay.

In the wake of sump pump failures, which often lead to inundation and structural havoc, SERVPRO of West Lancaster's multifaceted services encompass water damage restoration, mold remediation, and more. Their holistic approach caters to disasters of varying magnitude, attesting to their prowess in mitigating damage and restoring operational continuity.

SERVPRO of East York: Precision in Local Insight and Global Expertise

Understanding the distinct challenges of a locale is a hallmark of effective disaster recovery. SERVPRO of East York shines by virtue of their deep integration within the community, affording them invaluable insights into the region's unique vulnerabilities, including those posed by sump pump failures. This localized wisdom empowers them to craft tailor-made restoration strategies that efficiently address the situation at hand.

Sump pump failures often trigger cascading issues like mold proliferation, structural weakening, and electrical hazards. Armed with extensively trained technicians, SERVPRO of East York boasts mastery in tackling this diverse array of challenges. Their meticulous approach leaves no facet of restoration unaddressed, from meticulous water extraction to precise structural drying, thereby mitigating the potential long-term repercussions of sump pump failures.

Steadfast Allies in Adversity

In the realm of commercial properties, sump pump failures can entail immense financial and operational repercussions. SERVPRO of West Lancaster and SERVPRO of East York emerge as steadfast allies, seamlessly bridging the gap between crisis and recovery. Their unwavering professionalism, contextual awareness, and multifaceted proficiency render them indispensable partners for commercial enterprises navigating the aftermath of sump pump failures.

Amidst the turbulence of these situations, SERVPRO of West Lancaster and SERVPRO of East York shine as beacons of hope, equipped not only to salvage structures but also to rejuvenate the vibrancy and functionality of afflicted spaces. With these SERVPRO stalwarts at their side, commercial buildings can confront adversity head-on, emerging stronger and more resilient than before.

Navigating the Timeline of Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim with Confidence

8/8/2023 (Permalink)

Servpro tech checking on dryer inventory. The crew, the equipment, the know-how to serve you no matter what disaster comes your way.

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to file a homeowners insurance claim? The answer might not be as straightforward as you think. Depending on various factors, from the nature of the damage to the diligence of your preparation, the timeline for filing a homeowners insurance claim can range from just a few days to several months. In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of this process and provide you with insights to help you better understand what to expect.

1. Simple Cases vs. Complex Scenarios

Filing a homeowners insurance claim can be a breeze for straightforward issues like a flooded basement or a fallen tree. These cases can often be resolved relatively quickly. However, when multiple factors are at play, such as extensive damage or various types of harm, the process may become more intricate, prolonging the time it takes to resolve the claim.

2. The Instant Gratification Myth

While the digital age has made it possible to file a claim from the comfort of your computer, don't be fooled by the allure of instant gratification. Some claims might seem minor, such as a damaged fence, but when you factor in your deductible and the potential impact on your future insurance rates, it might not be worth the hassle. Remember, each claim you submit comes with the potential to raise your premiums, so weigh the costs and benefits carefully.

3. The Role of the Insurance Adjuster

For significant claims that warrant attention, insurance companies often dispatch an insurance adjuster to assess the damage and estimate repair costs. This step can significantly influence the timeline of your claim. Depending on the volume of claims being processed, the adjustment process could be swift or take some time, especially during peak periods like after a major storm.

4. Dealing with Multiple Insurance Companies

In scenarios where damage stems from multiple sources, the process can become even more complex. For instance, in the aftermath of a hurricane that brings both wind damage and flooding, you might have to deal with two separate insurance companies—one for wind damage covered under your homeowners insurance and another for flood coverage, which is often not included in standard homeowners policies. This duality can inevitably lead to delays in resolving your claim.

5. Navigating Time Limits and Regulations

It's crucial to familiarize yourself with the terms of your insurance policy. This includes understanding the window of time within which you are allowed to file a claim. Additionally, most states have regulations that dictate the timelines for both policyholders and insurers to ensure a smooth claims process. Adhering to these timeframes is essential to prevent any unnecessary hold-ups.

6. The Power of Documentation

To expedite your claim, comprehensive documentation is your strongest ally. Collecting evidence such as photographs, an itemized list of lost items with estimated values, and any other relevant details can significantly streamline the process. The more comprehensive your documentation, the smoother your claim process is likely to be.

When you work with professionals like SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County and East York, the process can be even more seamless. Their experienced team can help you navigate the complexities of the claims process, offering expertise and support during every step. From documenting the extent of the damage to coordinating repairs, SERVPRO can ease the burden on your shoulders, ensuring that your claim is handled efficiently and effectively.

In conclusion, the timeline for filing a homeowners insurance claim is far from a one-size-fits-all scenario. Whether your claim is resolved within a few days or stretches over several months depends on the intricacies of the damage, your preparedness, and the cooperation of insurance adjusters and multiple companies if necessary. By understanding these factors and being proactive in your approach, you can navigate the claims process with greater confidence and efficacy. Remember, patience and thoroughness are your allies when seeking resolution after an unexpected event damages your home.

Navigating Homeowners Insurance Claims: A Guide by SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County

8/8/2023 (Permalink)

an and Women discussing paperwork at a table. We will get you through your tough time.

When Should I File a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

When it comes to filing a homeowners insurance claim, timing is everything. Acting promptly and strategically can make a significant difference in how smoothly the claims process unfolds. In this guide, brought to you by SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County, we'll explore the ideal timing for filing a homeowners insurance claim and provide you with insights to make informed decisions.

1. Swift Action and Practicality

The key to a successful insurance claim is prompt action. Once your property has been assessed by an insurance adjuster, and you have the necessary reports in hand, it's wise to proceed as soon as practically possible. This ensures that you're ready to initiate the repair or rebuilding process promptly. While many insurance policies stipulate that claims must be filed within a year of the incident, it's in your best interest to avoid unnecessary delays.

2. Weighing the Decision to File

Before you leap into the claims process, take a moment to assess whether making a claim is truly necessary. If the cost of repairing the damage is close to or slightly exceeds your deductible, it might be more prudent to consider alternative options. These could include arranging repairs independently or covering contractor costs out of pocket. This cautious approach could shield you from potential rate increases or policy cancellations that could result from filing a claim.

3. The Impact on Your Insurance Profile

It's crucial to recognize that filing a claim can leave a lasting mark on your insurance history. Insurers share data through a system called the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE), which tracks information about past claims, claimants' details, types of claims, and settlement amounts. When you file a claim, CLUE is informed, potentially affecting your insurance rates. This database retains data for up to seven years, impacting your insurance profile during that period.

4. Managing Rate Increases

While certain factors contribute to rate increases, such as credit status, policy tenure, and local claims trends, it's essential to be cautious if you've had a history of multiple claims. If your record shows a pattern of repeated claims, especially for minor damages, think twice before adding another entry to that list. While a single claim or communication with your insurer might not immediately trigger a rate increase, it's advisable to consider the bigger picture before making a decision.

In collaboration with SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County, navigating the complexities of homeowners insurance claims becomes more manageable. Our experienced team can guide you through the process, from understanding the optimal timing for filing a claim to coordinating repairs and restoration. With our support, you can make informed choices that safeguard your insurance profile and help you get back to normalcy sooner.

In conclusion, filing a homeowners insurance claim requires a balance of timeliness and strategic decision-making. By acting promptly while also considering the long-term impact on your insurance history, you can ensure a smoother claims process. Remember, the collaboration with experts like SERVPRO of Western Lancaster County can provide you with the guidance and support you need during this critical time.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Mold Remediation Company

4/4/2023 (Permalink)

vacuum sucking up water Shop Vac sucking up water to prevent mold

One of the scariest things a homeowner can hear is that their home has mold. Mold is dangerous not only because it grows quickly and can infest just about anything near it, but it also has the potential to cause several serious health concerns if not treated effectively and efficiently.

If your home has recently been diagnosed with mold, keep reading to find out the most important things you must know before hiring a company to remove and remediate the mold from your home.

Removal versus Remediation

The first important thing to understand is the difference between removal and remediation.

Mold removal is pretty much just what it sounds like: removing affected areas containing mold. This can include anything from furniture, home items, drywall, insulation, and wood. Removing mold from a home is an important first step in the process, but unfortunately doesn’t encompass a total remediation.

Mold remediation includes the removal of mold but also goes a necessary step further to ensure the mold doesn't immediately return. Remediation involves cleaning and sterilizing the location and identifying the mold's source. By properly eradicating the mold, it cannot grow and continue to infect your home.

Types of Mold

When it comes to mold, there’s often confusion or difficulty understanding the risk and danger mold presents. Several different types of mold can grow in your home. We’ve put together this helpful article so you can get a better grasp of what mold infestation in your home may look like.

Mold thrives when there is a water or moisture source nearby, so it is essential to make sure your home is dry. Mold is also invasive, and if not treated properly to ensure complete eradication, it will quickly and sneakily find a way to keep growing.

Don’t Let Mold Destroy Your Home. Find a Mold Remediation Specialist

When you hire a mold remediation company, you need to be absolutely sure that the company has in-depth experience when it comes to mold. Mold spores are microscopic and aren’t typically noticed until enough spores have grown to become visible. It would be best if you only trusted an expert to identify the remaining mold.

SERVPRO East York offers complete mold remediation services. Our expert mold remediation team has a 7-step approach to mold remediation that goes far beyond just simply removing mold-damaged pieces of your home. Our highly trained professionals know how to inspect your home for additional mold, including areas that may be prime to grow mold moving forward. They’ll complete a mold damage assessment report so that you can see a comprehensive plan that includes where your home is vulnerable and how we can make it like it never even happened.

No matter what kind of mold is growing in your home, the mold remediation experts at SERVPRO East York are here to help. We understand that your home is your safe space and that the presence of mold can throw that into chaotic uncertainty. Our mold remediation services include containment, air filtration using the latest technology, and cleaning and sanitizing services so that you can rest assured that your home isn’t just mold-free, but is also clean and safe again.

If you need restoration services to your home from drywall, insulation, or wood that has been removed due to the mold remediation process, we also offer those services as well. Our customer care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are always there when you discover mold and need a friendly resource to reach out to.

Give the mold remediation experts at SERVPRO East York a call. We’ll get you back to normal, and your home like it never even happened.

Can Mold Make My Family Sick?

3/6/2023 (Permalink)

sick man in bed Can Mold Make You Sick?

During the wintertime, we often think of typical viruses that make their rounds and through our families that make us sick, such as RSV, the stomach bug, the flu, and even pneumonia. But there is another silent and potentially more dangerous threat that could be lurking inside your home.

Mold is a threat to families in homes where water or moisture were or are present and provides a breeding ground for invasive mold. Mold is often called a silent threat because it grows rapidly—usually without you knowing.

A lot of symptoms of mold-related sicknesses are similar, if not the same as other types of bacteria-borne or virus-laden illnesses. If you don’t know that mold is what is making you sick, you can often treat the symptoms of your mold sickness without remediating the problem at hand.

If you have mold present in your home, it can be killed quickly. However, killing off mold spores that you see doesn’t necessarily mean that you have remediated the whole problem. By the time you see mold spores, thousands or millions of non-visible spores may have already spread to other parts of your home via your HVAC system.

Mold loves to grow in quiet and damp places, which usually means in places you won’t really notice—until you do. And by the time most people notice a mold problem, it’s become a potential threat to their health, well-being, and home.

Remediating mold takes a professional mold contractor who knows and understands how mold grows, how it spreads, how to kill it, and how to remove mold-laden materials in your home.

If you are looking for the best mold remediation company in the East York, PA area, then look no further than SERVPRO East York. With 24-hour access to SERVPRO East York’s services, we can investigate how to mitigate your mold problem as soon as you find it. The mere presence of a growing mold means a moisture issue is feeding your mold problem. 

While eradicating mold completely is just about impossible due to the microscopic nature of spores, we can remediate problematic mold growth and the structural damage it causes to your home. We can also help you to understand ways that mold grows as well as ways that it spreads so you can protect your home in the future. Our certified team of mold remediation specialists knows how to locate mold growths, identify, and remediate the damage

From the time you place a call to SERVPRO East York’s mold specialists, we begin a multiple-step process in order to return your home to a safe and clean place. We’ll send a mold assessment specialist to identify the mold and the damage to your home.

To start the process, we’ll contain the growing mold and then filter the air in your home to clean it. Next, we’ll remove the mold itself as well as anything that contains mold damage. Finally, we’ll clean what’s been affected in your home and begin the restoration process to anything structural that needs to be fixed. You’ll be left satisfied knowing that your home was taken care of correctly, has been put back together structurally, and has been cleaned to the highest quality possible.

If you’ve discovered a mold issue, or even if you think you may have a mold problem, but aren’t sure, give the professional mold contractors at SERVPRO East York a call. We’re highly responsive and highly responsible when it comes to taking care of the things that matter most, you and your home. Don’t let mold make you sick, contact East York, PA’s best mold remediation company, SERVPRO East York.

What Should I Do Immediately After There’s Been Water Damage To My Home?

2/3/2023 (Permalink)

The winter season can be a busy time for many homeowners, and many find themselves away from their homes for the holidays. The absolute worst thing a homeowner can return to is water damage in their home. With temperatures varying from balmy to downright frigid, the winter months can bring the threat of burst pipes and severe water damage.

While we sincerely hope that you never find yourself experiencing a water damage catastrophe, we’ve put together some tips on what to do should you find yourself the victim of water damage within your home. Here’s how to deal with the immediate aftermath of a water issue and properly care for your home to avoid long-term damage.

You’ve Seen Water – Now What?

If you notice water collecting in any part of your house where it should not (we’re thinking anywhere besides inside a sink), immediately find the source of the water. Shutting off your water before finding the source of the leaking water may sometimes inhibit your ability to identify where it’s coming from.

If you think water may be collecting somewhere where electrical conduits are, you can turn off the electricity to your home to make investigating safer. Once you’ve identified where the water is coming from, shut off the water at the closest source. This may be a toilet water shut-off, or it could be your water main itself.

As you work to identify the source of the water, document the problems with the camera on your phone. Not only will this help with your insurance company and claim, but it will also help your restoration company, like SERVPRO East York, understand the source of the water and find where lingering water damage may be hiding. This helps us mitigate the damage to your home.


Try to clean up as much water as you can using towels, mops, and a wet vacuum. Removing water from the area will allow you to begin the drying process.

Call a professional water remediation company as soon as possible. The first 24-48 hours are critical for water damage and cleanup.

SERVPRO East York is a locally owned and established company in the Lancaster, PA area, and we are a leading expert in cleaning up water and properly mitigating the damage to your home. When you contact us with a water damage emergency, we are quick to the scene and begin to clean immediately. Our highly trained water damage specialists remove excess water so we can start the drying and dehumidifying process as quickly as possible. Fast action will lessen the chance that you develop related issues after a flood, such as mold.

Notify Your Insurance Company

When you notify your insurance company and open a claim, your insurance company will most likely ask for documentation, which is when those photos you took of your water damage will come in handy. Most of the time, an insurance adjuster will not be available to come to your home immediately and the water cleanup and remediation will have already started, which is why documentation throughout the entire process is so important.

Water remediation can be a huge expense, so we recommend contacting your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as you see water and begin the cleanup process.

Remediate – Using a Pro

Water damage is truly catastrophic and can lead to secondary issues quickly. Did you know mold only takes 24 hours to grow after water exposure? This is why contacting a professional remediation company is crucial.

SERVPRO East York is fast to your home, quick to begin the process, and committed to seeing your remediation process completed correctly. Our highly trained water specialists look everywhere for water damage, not just where the big leak happened. We want to be sure that everything is properly dried out.

No one wants to experience water damage, and homeowners who have experienced it know how devastating it can be. If you experience a water leak and damage in your home, you will have a lot to do. Let the experts at SERVPRO East York take care of you and your home.

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so when a leak hits your home, we’re ready. Protect your home from the possibility of mold and other issues after a water leak. Call us, or check out more about our services on our website. You can even read what our customers are saying about us too! Stay warm and dry this winter!

How to Prevent Pipes Bursting in Aging Buildings

1/13/2023 (Permalink)

While winter can be a relaxing time to enjoy a slower rhythm, a larger threat can loom silently amidst plunging temperatures and freezing conditions for those living or working in an aging building. Older pipes translate to thinner and more exposed piping that can be worn down or damaged. This may put you at risk of a burst pipe, leading to costly restoration and repair of your home or office space.

So why do pipes burst? And what puts your home or office building at a higher risk of bursting pipes? Keep reading to learn more about preventing pipe bursts, especially in aging buildings, and how you can mitigate your risk factors, keep your building dry, and put your mind at ease.

Risk Factor: Corrosion

Corrosion happens to any pipe carrying water. Older homes or buildings may be at risk for increased corrosion due to the age and material of the pipe.

As water travels through pipes, the pH levels cause corrosion over time. The inside lining of pipes becomes worn by water travel, and if the water traveling through your pipes is hard (as opposed to soft water), the elements can corrode your pipes even faster. Pipes affected by corrosion can weaken, leaving them vulnerable to bursting by built-up water pressure, a result of plunging temps and freezing water. 

If your pipes are older, consider having a water expert examine your water pH levels before potentially replacing them with newer pipes.

Risk Factor: Water Hammer

What’s that sound? Have you ever wondered what the gong sound or clang/bang is when you turn on your heat?

Commonly known as a water hammer, this phenomenon happens when you have an unsteady and uneven water flow in your pipes. The risk of pipes bursting results from uneven air pressure build-up. The presence of a water hammer in your pipes may also indicate that your pipes are worn or damaged (especially in older homes and buildings). 

Having a plumber drain and refill your pipes may help mitigate water hammer in your pipes. You can also install air valves that let off air build-up, reducing the water hammer in your pipes.

Risk Factor: Extended Leave

Winter is a time when your home or office building may be vacant for longer than is typical due to extended vacation or time off from business. Leaving a home or building vacant isn’t something you need to avoid altogether, but rather an important time to evaluate how you leave your home or office when traveling or closing.

Be sure that the temperature inside your home or office building doesn’t dip below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible (and especially if your home or office building is older), have someone check on the status of your home or building if the outside temperatures make any sudden downward dips. Before leaving, ensure you’ve turned off the water inside your home. And turn off your outdoor water in the fall every year!

Risk Factor: Being Uninsured

Lastly, be insured! While being insured won’t reduce the chance that a pipe bursts, it will give you peace of mind if you end up needing repairs.

Review your homeowner’s policy or building contract to ensure that water damage is included. Double-check that your policy is up to date and explicitly covers damaged pipes. If you find that you are lacking coverage, contact your insurance company to make immediate updates to your policy. Keep in mind that water damage coverage may be nullified if you neglect to make repairs to damaged pipes.

Water Damage Remediation in East York

This winter, keep your costs down and put your mind at ease. Examine your home’s water pipes today and make a plan to mitigate potential water damage resulting from burst pipes.

If you need water damage remediation from burst pipes in your home or office building, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of East York immediately. As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, we understand the unique needs of both home and business owners. We know your home is your safe space, so we offer 24-hour emergency service and advanced restoration and cleaning equipment in our residential services department.

Likewise, as a business owner with water damage in your building, we understand that time is quite literally money. We have the capacity to remediate commercial buildings on a large scale.

SERVPRO of East York is here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Fire and Water Restoration Company near Red Lion PA

10/28/2022 (Permalink)

Tucked away in the rolling hills of York County is Red Lion, PA, a charming small town that’s built on quaint streets and lots of history. Settled in 1852, the town took its name from the Red Lion Tavern.

The original tavern still stands as a historic site, while a modern tavern of the same name is located downtown. Just across the street from the current Red Lion Tavern, you can follow in the footsteps of members of the band Halestorm. Musicians’ Row is home to both The Guitar Spot USA and Tom’s Music Trade.

In addition to modern music history, the town also has a rich history of manufacturing. Several cigar manufacturers have called Red Lion home, including the Consumers Cigar Box Company, which has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

At one time, tobacco was Red Lion’s leading industry, which is why the Red Lion Borough Historic District celebrates the New Year by raising a giant cigar in the town square every New Years’ Eve.

It’s a great tradition and a great reminder to dispose of cigars and matches properly. Failure to do so can sometimes result in fire damage. If you need a fire and water restoration company near Red Lion, PA, contact SERVPRO. Our restoration specialists can beat the heat and make it “Like it never even happened.”  

On top of the historical spots downtown, the Red Lion Splash Pad offers a fun way to cool down in Fairmount Park. Plus, Red Lion, PA, is also conveniently located halfway between Lake Redman and the Susquehanna River. Not only that, but with Fishing Creek, Pine Run, and Barshinger Creek, running through town, it’s easy to enjoy a nice view of the water or see if anything’s biting.

Any town that’s close to water is at risk for flooding, especially when storms roll through. Once the water goes down, SERVPRO can help with flood damage. As a fire and water restoration company near Red Lion, PA, our specialists can restore everything to make it look just the way it was.  

Mold Remediation Company near York PA

8/19/2022 (Permalink)

Mold is a nuisance. That’s why even the smallest sign of it should be taken care of quickly. SERVPRO of East York is a mold remediation company near York, PA that can clean and help minimize mold from coming back into your home, office, or commercial space.

If you’ve noticed any signs of mold, contact us right away. We’ll address your mold problem and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Experienced Mold Professionals

When you see or smell mold, you want it handled by the experts, right? Of course. That’s why every member of our team is highly trained and required to earn Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

With a certified team, your property will be in good hands. We’ll start hunting for the source of your mold and implement our mold remediation strategies quickly. Not only will our team work fast, but you can reach us any time.  

As a national company, we have the resources to tackle all sorts of jobs, but we’re also close by. Since we’re local, you can reach us 24/7, even on holidays. No matter when we take your call, we’ll be there to start the mold remediation process within a few hours.  

Our Proven Mold Remediation Method

Whether you find mold in your home or see signs of it in a commercial setting, SERVPRO of East York can handle cleanup for you. Our certified experts work fast and attack every instance of mold with a proven method. Our approach includes the following:

  • Inspect & Assess the Damage
  • Contain the Spread of Mold
  • Air Filtration & Purification
  • Removing Mold & Infested Materials
  • Cleaning All Belongings

Contact Us for Reliable Mold Remediation

When it looks like you’re in need of a mold remediation company near York, PA, contact us at SERVPRO of East York. From our methods to our knowledgeable team, your space will be free of mold in no time. Contact us if you have any questions or need immediate mold remediation.

Commercial Restoration Services near Me

8/15/2022 (Permalink)

Unexpected events happen. When they do, you’ll need a team to clean up and restore your commercial space to how it was before. SERVPRO of East York is proud to specialize in commercial restoration services and helping businesses get back to work. With a 24/7 response team, we can begin the restoration process quickly.

Faster to Any Disaster

Disasters can take on many forms, from fires to floods to storms. SERVPRO is prepared to tackle whatever kind of commercial restoration your space needs. We offer specific restoration approaches depending on the type of damage your space has sustained. Some of the commercial restoration services we offer include:

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Fire Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

Water damage has its own unique challenges ranging from drywall damage and bloating to carpets soaking in water. Our SERVPRO teams can tackle it all. We have staff trained in specific damage clean-up and restoration that can help you through the entire process.

Fire damage is often more than just damage from flames. Smoke can cause damage, as can the water used to put the fire out. When we restore spaces with fire damage, our teams will assess and tackle it all.

Storm damage can require a lot of clean-up. Our team can clean up and manage the restoration process so you can focus on preparing your business to reopen more quickly.

Have questions about the insurance process? Our team can help you navigate that as well! We’ll let you know what forms to fill out, who to speak to, and more.

Any Space, Any Size

Commercial spaces are different sizes and styles depending upon what they’re used for. SERVPRO of East York can handle many different sized retail spaces, from office buildings to movie theaters to retail shops or big box stores.

Whatever size your space is, our team is prepared to help you restore it.

“Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of East York is faster to any disaster. We strive to restore your commercial space so you and your team can get back to work, “Like it never even happened.” If you have questions about our commercial restoration services, contact our team. We’ll go over the services we offer and help get you to restore your business as soon as possible.

Contact us today.